Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fading Days

You know, college has been amazing. Great friends. Great times. Great lessons learned. What's a bummer though is how the great moments with my class (2011! Woohoo!) have just seemed to fizzle out over the last couple years. Its probably because we are slowly transitioning into our lives after college and focusing on other things, but it still doesn't seem like a a good enough reason for us to miss out on what we still have here.

We had a senior smores thing tonight (which unfortunately was really poorly advertised) and there only about 10 people there. It would have been so sweet if everyone just stopped whatever they were doing for an hour and just came out and mingled. Most people are just preoccupied with other things (some of them probably being legitimate). I just wish most of my friends were still down to just forget about homework and obligations for a little while and be willing to have fun as a huge group.

It may be somewhat irresponsible, but these are probably some of the last times that we can get away with putting things off for a bit and we will most definitely cherish the memories that we would make with each other. It just seems like great moments have just slowly been fading away (with concerns to fun major events) over the past 1 or 2 years. I just wish that it wouldnt be like this and that we would all make some time to really finish our last year out strong with regards to being a part of the Vanguard community. I'm guilty too. Well, even if we dont have some epic final event or moments, I will still look back at my time at Vanguard as the best time of my life . . . so far. Great days are still to come.

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